Searching the Archives

1.  Click on the link to the search engine below that you want to use, this will open the engine in a new window.  Type search word(s) into that Search Engine and click the "search" button.  This will take you to a search page in the same browser window with possible matches and descriptions on it. 
2.  Click on the one(s) best matching what you are looking for, and it will open the desired Adobe Acrobat Document
 Your ALT-Text here PDF.
3.  Click on the "search" button [with the binoculars, not magnifying glass image] at the top of the Adobe Acrobat Reader screen, which will open a side bar for searching that PDF document... In the newest Acrobat Reader you need to right-click with the mouse to bring up a menu... You then type in your word(s) again to find the desired article. Or, you can just browse through the issue of the paper.
4.  Use the "back" arrow on the browser window containing the PDF file and you will see the search results window again.