The History of the Weed Cafe  by Sallie Johnson

While visiting with Shirley Akers, my husband Earl and I reminisced about our first visit to the Café three years ago. We remembered the little tiny kitchen where dinner was prepared. There were 11 of us traveling together that evening and before anyone began eating, a blessing was asked for the meal. That was definitely a first for most of us. The tables were decorated for a vacation theme and the music was played by several different talented folks, including Gary and Debbie.

Today, we know that the great “fiddler” was none other than Shirley herself and we asked her to give us a little history on the Café.

The story really began with the original post office that was in the building we now know as Bear Mountain Realty. Even as Post Mistress, Shirley wanted the community to have an eating place so she had the original 32’ x 32’ Café built where it is now.

Not wishing to run back and forth between the two buildings, she added another room for the post office next to the Café.

In those days the Café was so tiny it didn’t really have a kitchen. The main fare was sandwiches, cokes and candy. As folks began to ask for hamburgers and french fries, new plans were made to take a wall out and add a new kitchen.

Daughter-in-law Debbie Stone gave up her position as a teacher’s aid in Cloudcroft and came to work at the Café. It was time for another addition and this time a school bungalow was added for a very nice dining area.

Two years later, plans to expand developed even further and the old dining area was remodeled into the wonderful kitchen we see today. With the help of friends and family the new dining room was completed June 1999.

The Weed Café has hosted many memorable events this past year and there is always an atmosphere of family and community. What better place would you find where the whole family can have a special time together? There is something for everyone at the Café.