Prelude by Bill Berkebile

The history of Timberon begins with the Indians that hunted, camped and basically covered the entire area with a thousand years worth of arrowheads. In the early 1900's, this was a part of Oliver Lee and the Circle Cross's vast cattle empire that controlled near a million acres of ranch land, stretching from Cloudcroft down to El Paso. In 1933, Judge Paul Moss, of Odessa, Texas, purchased this area from The U.S. Department of the Interior. It is from this point on that Timberon's history can be accurately chronicled.

Old_Timberon_Logo.JPG (19768 bytes)Judge Paul Moss was mostly interested in this area for agricultural purposes. He developed some extensive irrigation systems that supplied water from Carrisa Springs to the growing area in the valley where the present-day airstrip is located. Another interest of the Judge was the lodging and entertainment of his guests during hunting and social gatherings. The Construction of the lodge building (Now the Community Center) is said to have begun in 1941, but it was interrupted during the period of World War II. Building was resumed after the war and was completed in about 1950. The lodge was made from logs of ponderosa pines which were as abundant in the area then as they are now. The logs were cut at a sawmill located near the site of today's maintenance barn on Edgewood Drive. In the latter part of August, 1952, a fire started at the mill and spread quickly across the valley, resulting in the large amount of burned-over terrain extending from about a half mile Southwest of the maintenance shop all the way to the mountain top (Jim Jeffries Peak) east of Carrisa Springs. It is interesting to note that the Judge's son, William, and his wife, the former child star, Jane Withers, spent quite a bit of time here.The history of Timberon begins with the Indians that hunted, camped and basically covered the entire area with a thousand years worth of arrowheads. In the early 1900's, this was a part of Oliver Lee and the Circle Cross's vast cattle empire that controlled near a million acres of ranch land, stretching from Cloudcroft down to El Paso. In 1933, Judge Paul Moss, of Odessa, Texas, purchased this area from The U.S. Department of the Interior. It is from this point on that Timberon's history can be accurately chronicled.

Judge Paul Moss was mostly interested in this area for agricultural purposes. He developed some extensive irrigation systems that supplied water from Carrisa Springs to the growing area in the valley where the present-day airstrip is located. Another interest of the Judge was the lodging and entertainment of his guests during hunting and social gatherings. The Construction of the lodge building (Now the Community Center) is said to have begun in 1941, but it was interrupted during the period of World War II. Building was resumed after the war and was completed in about 1950. The lodge was made from logs of ponderosa pines which were as abundant in the area then as they are now. The logs were cut at a sawmill located near the site of today's maintenance barn on Edgewood Drive. In the latter part of August, 1952, a fire started at the mill and spread quickly across the valley, resulting in the large amount of burned-over terrain extending from about a half mile Southwest of the maintenance shop all the way to the mountain top (Jim Jeffries Peak) east of Carrisa Springs. It is interesting to note that the Judge's son, William, and his wife, the former child star, Jane Withers, spent quite a bit of time here.

After the death of Judge Moss, the land was purchased from his heirs by Willie Farah of El Paso. Farah had a substantial interest in aviation and lost no time in building the first airstrip here. The strip was not paved at that time but was adequate to accommodate small aircraft.

In March of 1969, the land was sold by Farah to a group of businessmen, headed by Johnny Mobley, who formed the corporation known as North American Land Developments. The name of Timberon for this development was chosen by Johnny Mobley during an informal business discussion in July, 1969.

In October, 1969, the Sacramento Mountain Property Owners Association was formed. The name was officially changed to the Timberon Property Owners Association (TPOA) in the late 1970's. Richard Sparks was the first elected president of TPOA. North American Land Development deeded the lodge and the surrounding 18 acres to TPOA in March of 1975. Due to tax law considerations concerning tax exempt status, the Timberon Protective Association (TPA) was formed in July of 1983 to handle the architectural control and security functions that had formerly been handled by TPOA.

The first electric service was run to the development of Timberon in the Summer of 1971 by the Otero County Electric Cooperative.

The Timberon Fire Department was organized in October, 1974, by J. I. (Joe) Fetters. The department was certified by the State of New Mexico in January of 1976. TPOA furnished the funds necessary for the initial purchase of equipment. The first fire truck, a 1951 Chevrolet/Howe was bought from Jal, New Mexico, fire department. A three-bay fire station was started during the latter part of 1981 and building was completed at the beginning of 1982 The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) was formed within the fire department in February of 1982, following an intensive course of instruction provided by the New Mexico School of Medicine.

Frank Wheeler, Timberon's first pastor, began his work here. In 1975 his ministry involved bible study groups at the developer's sales office, this activity continued until it was moved to the lodge building in 1977. Construction of the Timberon Chapel was completed in May of 1979 with a dedication and the first worship service. In June of 1981 the Timberon Memorial Park Association (cemetery) was formed on two acres next to the Timberon Chapel. The first to be buried there was William J. Whitesell, Vice President of North American Land Developments, in May of 1983.

In December, 1974, the U.S. Postal Service approved mail delivery to the lodge in Timberon. Prior to this, Timberon residents had to go to the Sunspot post office for their mail. In October, 1981, Don and Ruby Roberts were awarded the Community Post Office contract. Our present Zip Code went into effect September 14, 1984.

In the Fall of 1979, Timberon Precinct #18 was established by Otero County. The first election was held here on June 3, 1980, with 60 registered voters.

A three-month elementary school for the winter months was established by the Alamogordo School District here on December 1, 1980. A full time elementary school became a reality in August of 1983. The first teachers at the school were Pat and Duane Carr.

Telephone service was brought to Timberon in October of 1981 by Dell Telephone Cooperative. The only telephone service available before that was a radio/telephone unit located first at the lodge and later at the sales office.

The Timberon Water and Sanitation District (TWSD) was formed in March of 1990. The first board members were Richard Moore, Victor Hollrah and Hugh Ellison. TWSD acquired the water system on August 6, 1993.


Once upon a time, when Timberon was first starting out, there was an organization called the Timberon Property Owners Association. This association was established on October 1, 1969 so that the property owners of Timberon would have a say in the destiny of the community. For many years this organization was at the very heart of everything happening on the mountain. The Timberon Property Owners Association, having fallen upon hard times, was disbanded on November 19, 1993.

The Timberon Property Owners Association may no longer be with us, but its records are, and they are very rich in information outlining the early days of Timberon. This monthly series of articles is based upon information taken from those records. It all began, as the records do, about 25 years ago in a development called Timberon.

Timberon Log dated October 16, 1972

The developer says that by May 1, 1973, we should have some condominiums, trailer houses, etc. put in Timberon for the use of the property owners.

We are in the process of building a sales office right now and all the sales personnel will be out of our Lodge within the next 90 days.

We are talking about putting a really nice restaurant (dining room) in the upper part of the Lodge. This would entail getting a professional chef, dining tables, menus, etc. The Lounge area will be located in the Pro-Shop on the Golf Course, thereby eliminating the need for the downstairs lounge in the Lodge. Eventually (probably in about three to five years) all food facilities will be moved to the Country Club area, completely away from the Lodge. The downstairs area will be made into a recreational room.

Our Board has proposed a $25.00 per membership, per year, dues to begin in November of 1972. The Timberon Property Owners Association is now in the process of taking over the Lodge. The Association needs revenue to work with. The Association will soon be responsible for Lodge maintenance, the stocking and cleaning of the lakes, pool area maintenance, and the security guard. The Association will be also be collecting revenue from the water taps (approximately thirty already).

In regard to the security guard, by May 1, 1973 we are putting a very nice entrance in on the road from Sunspot. This entrance is to be manned by a security guard who will also be responsible for the protection of property owners’ cabins. There will eventually be two guards and two entrances, the second from the back road.

We also need to obtain a fire truck to put up on the property, which would be controlled by the Property Owners Association.

There was discussion on the necessity of making and following rules on the Golf Course. Some of the ideas were: only members get to play on weekends; only five guests per year, per member; and there was a suggestion of maybe putting in a third nine for short golfers. We must have very strict rules on the Golf Course. There needs to be a very strong Board (or man) to control it. Ed Jennings is doing a terrific job… we must not over-run his decisions on times to be open for play. His main interest is the overall betterment of the course.

Timberon Log dated November 4, 1972

Our Board of Directors consists of Richard Sparks, Johnny Mobley, Anthony Perrotto and Dave Tappan. We are currently one member short and are sending out a ballot to all the property owners with the following nominees: Bob Edwards, C.W. McFarland, Col. F. Stano, Truman Jones and Lester Pierce.

The grounds around the Lodge and swimming pool have been planted, fenced in and cleaned up.

The Golf Course is advancing very rapidly. The scars are due to the 30" of rainfall since the middle of August. Once these eroded areas are sodded in solidly they will hold against rains. The Golf Course will open in the Spring.

The Sales Office is scheduled to move out of the Lodge shortly after the first of the year.

There will be a twenty-unit condominium build, starting construction by February 1st and hopefully in operation by late Spring.

We still have plans to put in a really nice dining room in the upper part of the Lodge, complete with chef.

There are now two lakes in service. The upper lake is stocked with 18,000 fingerling trout. There are plans to put an all weather walk around the lakes. A waterfall is also in the planning.

These facilities are ours as property owners and it cost money to maintain them. To date, the developer has carried the entire cost of this upkeep, however it is estimated that the developer will be out of the picture in about three years. We must begin now to be ready for a complete takeover when that time comes.

The assessment of $25 per membership, per year, will provide a portion of the revenue needed for the maintenance of our facilities. There will be other forms of revenue coming into the Property Owners Association in the form of monthly payments from water taps (of which there are now 37). The Utility Commission is in the process of setting this rate. To date, the developer has put in approximately $350,000.00 into the water system alone (if it hadn’t been for Carriso Springs, it would have been $550,000.00). This water system is a real asset to the Association and revenue from it will accrue directly to the Association.

The total facilities on the property, when completed, will value approximately $5,000,000.00. This membership is definitely a thing of value.

As promised by Richard Sparks, a full and comprehensive report on the progress of the roads is being formulated and will be sent out shortly.

Timberon Log dated January 25, 1973

From the beginning of Timberon it has been understood that the Property Owners would eventually take over the care and maintenance of the common facilities in Timberon. The developer’s contract with the buyers of Timberon property included the construction of all common facilities and maintenance of them until the Property Owners Association could assume this responsibility.

At present, excluding the existing water system, the Property Owners have for their common use and enjoyment the following property which is managed by the Association: the paved 5000’ air strip and parking apron valued at $125,000.00; the Lodge and grounds valued at $250,000.00; two fishing lakes valued at $30,000.00; and the swimming pool valued at $60,000.00.

Later, the Association will accept the responsibility of maintaining and collecting the revenue from the water system. This system presently consists of 35 miles of installed distribution lines, 15000’ of 10" transmission line from the springs, and two inter-connected reservoirs with a total value of $600,000.00.

Other assets now existing for common use, but not yet taken over by the Association are 227 acres in the championship golf course area (nine holes of the golf course were seeded in the summer of 1972 and will be open for play early in the summer of 1973) and 81 acres of parkland in various parts of the project.

Title of this property has not yet been transferred to the Property Owners Association. The developer stands ready at any time to convey this property at our option.

Robert Edwards was elected to fill the vacancy on the Board and will serve 1 year as Secretary of the Association.

Timberon Log dated March 17, 1973

The Northern Road from Sunspot is deeply rutted, almost impassable because of the extreme winter moisture. Southern Road (506) is in good shape, has approximately 21 shallow fordings, and is being reconstructed because of the efforts of the State School Board. Alternate highway routes are still being sought, but because of government procedures, progress is quite slow.

Roads in the Timberon property are being expanded and improved. An additive is being put on the roads to protect them from moisture and make them more truly all-weather.

The golf course will open approximately June 1, 1973 and should be covered by excellent grass because of the extremely wet winter.

All members of the Property Owners Association will have numbered certificates for each building site. This also includes the large "Block Holders."

Dues are delinquent after 90 days. A default notice will be sent at 60 days and subsequently a property lien will be attached to the property.

The purpose of the Board of Directors is to manage the community properties for the good of all the property owners and no remuneration is made to the directors for their time.

The Lodge will have a restaurant and improved living facilities in the near future. Salesmen will be quartered outside outside the Lodge and will pay for their use of the Lodge in the same manner as anyone else. It is expected that a condominium will be opened in the community area for the use of property owners and buyers, hopefully by June 1st.

Timberon Log dated November 10, 1973

Mr. Steve Cilino is working on obtaining a new South entrance road into Timberon. He is approaching the problem by going through the Commanding General of Ft. Bliss on behalf of all Timberon property owners. Mr. Cilino is proposing the following route: use New Mexico State Highway to 17 miles west of Highway 54, then north up over the ridge ending at Sacramento Canyon. We would have the sole responsibility of securing the road at our end. He has assured the General that we will in no interfere with missile firings. He has asked that all Timberon property owners sign a list that will be attached to a letter for the General with the purpose of acquiring permission to use such a road.

Mr. Bill Berkebile is working on the Northern route into Timberon from Cloudcroft. North American Land Development (the developer) has attempted to improve and maintain this road, but has encountered opposition from the County and Forest Service. However, North American Land Development has now been given the position of acting as the agent concerning these road matters for Otero County. North American Land Development is now in the process of repairing the river crossings on this road. We are still in need of a gravel pit. The Forest Service has tentatively agreed to let us put one in Apple Tree Canyon. The Forest Service is ready to go on extending the road from Sunspot to over near Scott Able whenever they can get the funds.

In respect to the South road to Weed, North American Land Development is prepared to remove the first six river crossings. Dr. Stovall, Superintendent of Schools, from Otero County is in favor of supporting this southern route. The County Commissioners from Otero County have been very cooperative.

The 18 acres, which was deeded to the Property Owners Association in March of 1973, has been leased to Mr. Roland (Ski) Skalmusky for the maintenance of the Lodge and restaurant.

In the last year both of the fishing lakes have been restocked, the roof of the Lodge was repaired, and a good deal of the Lodge was repainted.

We have purchased a fire pumper to be used off the swimming pool or ponds. It is on a trailer, so it may be pulled to any place on the property. This is not the answer to our fire protection, but it is a beginning.

We invested in a security vehicle for Mr. Bill (Smitty) Smith, our security guard at Timberon. Smitty holds a Deputy Sheriff’s commission from Otero County and has a background of 25 years in law enforcement. His new security vehicle is equipped with a CB radio and a complete First Aid Kit. A State Police radio has been ordered and should be here by December 10th. Emergency systems have been set up with the Alamogordo Police Department.

Mr. Bill Pozanac, Bill Berkebile and Ed Jennings have been deputized as special deputies to assist Smitty.

Col. Griffin feels that our county taxes should be used for fire protection. We have corresponded with the County concerning this possibility, but until we are a municipality we can not count on too much assistance. Dave Tappan said that there is a New Mexico law that offers help to organized Volunteer Fire Departments. Bill Berkebile suggested that we should inquire at the County Assessor’s office as to what is being done with the tax flow that is coming from the Timberon area and report the finding to the property owners.

Mr. Berkebile looked into the possibility of acquiring mail service into Timberon. The postal authorities sited the condition of the road leading from Sunspot and the small number of families living in the area as reasons to deny service. He was told that if all of the people who reside in Timberon would transfer their post office box to Sunspot it may show a greater need for this service.

Bob DeSpain complained about the trailers which were located on lots that were not in the trailer section of Timberon. He feels that we should abide by the Restrictive Covenants and not allow this. The developer, Mr. Mobley, indicated that letters have been sent out to these people by his attorneys and action was being taken to remove the trailers in question.

The problem of obtaining telephone service to Timberon is being looked into by Bill Berkebile.

Timberon Log dated January 12, 1974

Our Board amends the bylaws to provide for seven members, it had been five.

The Lodge building in Timberon was designated as the principle office location for the Property Owners Association.

All future meetings of the Property Owners Association will be held on the second Saturday of each month in the Timberon Lodge.

The following committees were established: Roads - Steve Cilino; Fire Protection - Joe Fetters; Timberon Social Activities - Tony Perretto.

A suggestion was made that the Property Owners Board and the Developer (North American Land Development) develop better communications when planning social activities. The Developer, Johnny Mobley, says that the property owners could be kept advised through ‘Timberon Trails’ published every two months.

Fire Protection is a major concern, maybe it will be possible to obtain a pumper from the government surplus when they closed the missile sites. There was also discussion about appealing to the owners for donations of time and/or money for a volunteer fire department.

The people hired to operate the Timberon Lodge were evicted and the Lodge closed. The operators of the Lodge left the Property Owners Association with an estimated loss of $1000.

It was pointed out by Mr. Roessler that since our security man, Bill (Smitty) Smith, is a deputy of Otero County then the county should pay his salary, or a portion of it, with some of the property owner’s tax money.

The advantages and disadvantages of becoming a municipality was discussed, with no definite action being taken due to opposing views.

Camper trailers that are now parked in front of the Lodge near the air strip for utility hook-up will be required to move to the new Trailer Park area. This area is being built by the Developer to have hook-ups and toilet facilities. The completion date will be May 1, 1974.

There are three rooms available for rent in Lodge. The cost to rent these is $12 per night with linens.

An announcement was made that the Timberon Sales Office is soon to go computer.

A Lubbock group of Property Owners Association Members suggest forming chapters by towns of property owners to create interest.

It appears we have been operating a restaurant without a license and that the gross receipt tax on the bar has not been paid. We will correct this and find out what it will take to acquire a restaurant license.

Timberon Log dated March 9, 1974

It was decided to get a new appraisal for the Lodge building because of all the improvements that have been made, especially to the kitchen.

Mr. Cilino requested from the Civil Defense a pumper which has recently become available. It was inspected by Joe Fetters and found to be in good condition.

The liquor license that belongs to the Developer will be leased to the Property Owners Association, but the Developer will retain ownership.

The Property Owners Association is in the process of filing liens against non-paying lot owners.

Otero County is now blading the North road, having already bladed the South. It appears that they will continue to maintain these roads on a regular basis.

Don Coffman, Head Football Coach for Roswell High School, will take care of the pool for the Summer at no charge.

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Martin of El Paso are hired to manage the Lodge.

Timberon Log dated March 20, 1974

Carl Tanner was hired as full-time maintenance man for the Lodge at $500 a month.

We ordered and paid for two thousand 7 to 10 inch trout for the fishing lakes at a cost of $600 plus $90 delivery charge. The Developer has agreed to pay for the restocking of the lakes when it is done again in late summer.

Erna Stevens and her daughter were hired to operate the Lodge. Before this she was employed at the Airport Restaurant in Roswell as a cook and her daughter as a waitress.

We had a complaint from Jack Shaw that our hamburgers are overpriced at $1.25 and that we should discourage bar drinkers, particularly on Sunday mornings.

Timberon Log dated April 20, 1974

White Sands Missile Range requires that we must have a military guard on the roads. They want complete control of the access road.

It was decided to construct two or three kennels in back of the Lodge for people staying there with dogs.

The Lodge restaurant is grossing $500 a week and doing nicely. It is paying its own way and showing a profit.

At present there is $175 in outstanding tabs from the Sales Staff alone. No more credit will be given and everyone will pay when served.

A ledge has been cut around the small lake and the lakes have been cleaned.

Mr. Tappan asked the Developer if the condominiums were ready for occupancy. Johnny Mobley said he was having problems with the Environmental Agency, Plumbing Inspector and Building Inspector. They have three different codes which are almost impossible to meet. He has asked for an Attorney General’s ruling on this and should be ready to go ahead in about two weeks.

Timberon Log dated June 8, 1974

Mr. Cilino reported to the owners that we are still trying to secure a pumper for fire protection and that certain qualifications must be met before we can get any type of Federal funds to help us.

It is stated that the Commanding Officer at White Sands Missile Range will soon be changing and we should wait until a new one takes over before any attempt is made to ask the government to let us use range access roads to get to Timberon.

The kitchen remodeling has all been paid for and the restaurant now has an ‘A’ rating by the State Environmental Agency.

The Developer says that property owners will not have to pay green fees on the golf course for the next three years. Guests will be charged $6 on weekdays and $10 on weekends and holidays.

The Developer, Johnny Mobley, says that the bath house will be finished in about two weeks.

Mr. Pozanac says the ice machines are now operating and ice will remain free to all property owners and their guests.

Johnny Mobley says that the Lynn Gas Company is going to put in a permanent setup in Timberon. It will be available 24 hours a day.

Timberon Log dated August 10, 1974

Ground rules for hunting in Timberon were discussed. Some suggestions were: there should be guards placed at all entrances; there should be a limited amount of hunters allowed, each owner will be allowed to have four guests: and all hunters camping out will be required to camp in one spot designated by the Property Owners Association.

By unanimous decision Joe Fetters was accepted as Fire Chief of the Timberon Property Owners Association Volunteer Fire Department.

The electrical wiring in the Lodge was replaced, taking about five days.

The bath house has been painted and all the plumbing will be completed in about a week.

There is a problem with the lower fishing pond’s diminishing water level. It is suggested that a pipe be run from the upper pond to the lower so that any overflow will go into the lower pond.

It was discussed that the only thing holding Timberon back from being a town is the population. The population needed should be reached about next spring.

Timberon Log dated October 26, 1974

In spite of many attempts, a new South Road into Timberon is yet to be secured. Mr. Cilino is investigating a possible right-of-way for another road going Westward to Highway 54, rather than South to State Highway 506.

Bill Berkebile reported that contracts will be let to furnish mail service directly into Timberon, effective December 7th. The mail route will be known as the "Timberon Star Route."

The new fire sirens were sounded for the first time in Timberon.

Timberon Log dated February 15, 1975

Harry West and Joe Richardson were introduced as the new Property Owners Board Directors.

The Timberon Property Owners Association is granted exemption from Federal Income Tax as a non-profit organization.

Peggy Maitland announces that the General Store will be in full operation by April 15th. Danny Strickland will be running it.

A County Road Maintenance Man will be stationed in Timberon with a grader to keep both the North and South Roads clear and in good condition. Bill Berkebile says that negotiations are presently under way to change and improve the South Road through Sacramento River Canyon.

The Developer informs the owners that all structures being built must be approved by the Architectural Committee of North American Land Development prior to building. The zoning must be followed and will be enforced.

Fire Chief Joe Fetters was instrumental in securing a 500 gallon pumper truck; this is a real fire engine with a red light and siren. It runs just fine.

Bill Berkebile and Joe Fetters secured the services of a 1000 gallon tanker truck from the Forestry Department.

Four Condominium Duplexes are opened for rental on the river. Christy Berkebile is the manager.

Shirley Cliff will be manager of the Lodge starting March 1st. She plans to have regular entertainment. The act on opening night will be Pete Fleming and Mitch Mosley, a folk and country group.

The Golf Course will open for the season on Easter weekend, weather permitting.

Timberon Log dated April 19, 1975

Dave Tappan briefed the Association Directors on a letter written by Bill Richardson, a property owner, to the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington. The letter indicated a dissatisfaction with the Developer for not turning over the water supply to the Association Members as indicated in the HUD report. The matter was put of until a meeting with Bill Richardson could be arranged.

Bill Cilino says that the new access road approval was at a standstill and now hinges upon the incorporation of Timberon.

Thanks were extended to past Sheriff Bill ‘Smitty’ Smith and present Sheriff Dennis Wynn for their excellent job of solving several burglaries. We want to keep Timberon honest and clean.

Sheriff Wynn and Shirley Cliff started a game room in the Lodge to keep our young people entertained.

There was a forest fire in Timberon, with most of the damage being in T-8. Our Volunteer Fire Department, assisted by Timberon Members and guests, was instrumental in containing the fire and finally putting it out. Also assisting were the fire departments from Cloudcroft, High Rolls, Duncan, Penasco, Sacramento, James Canyon and Mayhill. The Forest Service responded within minutes with slurry bombers spraying flame retardant chemical. They sent in tankers, supplies, and more than 75 firefighters. Investigation indicated that the fire was started by an owner burning trash in a 40 mile per hour wind.

Timberon Log dated July 12, 1975

A front loading tractor and riding lawnmower have been purchased for the Lodge grounds.

Many complaints were aired, mostly centered on the deplorable conditions in and around Lodge; dogs running loose and destroying the Associations equipment, and camping grounds in front of the Lodge.

The Property Owners Board was faced with what they saw as the deplorable condition of Timberon in general, the thefts that had occurred, lack of authority and division of authority by Board members and security personnel, and general lack of management. They responded by electing Joe Fetters as Resident Agent with direct control over all Property Owners Association employees and answering only to the Property Owners Board.

It was decided that for the safety of all members, dogs found loose would be picked up with a warning to the owner and if repeated, the dog would be destroyed. Dogs without licenses and unknowns would be destroyed immediately.

The conclusion was reached that there was no control on entrances to Timberon and undesirable characters may enter, placing all property in jeopardy. An earth barricade was put across the Culp Canyon entrance to close it and the possibility of control over both the North and South entrances were looked into.

At the prompting of the Fire Chief, Joe Fetters, $6000 was spent by the Property Owners Association for new fire equipment.

Timberon Log dated August 30, 1975

It was decided that Sheriff Wynn was lacking the maturity necessary for our security guard. The job would again be offered to Bill ‘Smitty’ Smith.

Joe Fetters says that the probation period for the Fire Department will be over in November and we will be eligible for state funds.

The tennis courts should be finished by next spring. The snow pack this winter should really pack down the base.

The Cliffs are leaving in September and the Colemans will be running the Lodge on a two month trial basis.

Due to inflation and maintenance costs, the dues for property owners will be increased from $25 to $35.

Timberon Log dated November 1, 1975

At present it does not appear a new access road will be constructed. The South road is in fairly good shape, but the North road is in poor condition.

Joe Fetters and Bill Berkebile were recognized for establishing a Rural Fire District in Timberon in a remarkably short time of one year.

The Timberon Volunteer Fire Department now has two pumper trucks, three fire sirens, a small portable pumper, a good supply of protective equipment for firefighters and radio communications in the trucks.

Members will be limited to one guest during hunting season to prevent indiscriminate hunting and in order to maintain control.

The Developer, at the urging of Harry West, donated $50 to the town of Cloudcroft to go towards the purchase of an ambulance for evacuation of the sick and injured. The ambulance will be used not only for the Cloudcroft area, but also for surrounding towns, including Timberon.

Completed units of the Water System will be deeded to the Timberon Property Owners in the near future at time completed, by the Developer.

Timberon Log dated February 7, 1976

There will be two resident agents on the property, Joe Fetters will be resident agent over the Fire Department and Ed Jennings over security and maintenance.

The Lodge was again opened for the renting of rooms, with property owners to have first consideration.

Due to a growing demand by the property owners, applying pressure on the Board Members, it was decided to get Bill (Smitty) Smith back as security officer.

There was concern about increased crime and malicious vandalism on the mountain.

The Fire Department was inspected by the State Fire Marshall, who certified us and recommended that we receive state funds.

Fire Chief Joe Fetters recommended that the Property Owners Association consider selling the Fire Department one acre of ground for $1.00 to construct a fire house.

Timberon Log dated May 19, 1976

Board Director Dave Tappan sent a letter to the other Board Members with the following suggestions for consideration:

That the role of the Restaurant and Lounge be determined as to whether we must keep it in operation, if so, should we request that the Developer subsidize it or is that our responsibility as Property Owner Association Representatives.

That we consider subsidizing Harry West’s quarterly newspaper, as the Developer has already agreed to mail it to all property owners.

What the role of the Property Owners Association will be in the next two to five years, as the Developer will undoubtedly be pulling out and turning everything over.

Timberon Log dated May 29, 1976

The Lodge is now being operated by the Property Owners Association. Betty Cliff is doing a fine job of cooking and taking care of the Lodge.

The security light donated by Harry & Ann West is installed on a tree in front of the Lodge and it lights up both the front lawn and the parking area.

The Fire Department makes plans to pay back the money borrowed from the Property Owners Association for equipment by holding a golf tournament on the Fourth of July.

All Timberon Property Owners Association Members will receive two plastic membership cards that must be presented before playing tennis, swimming, fishing, or golfing.

Timberon Log dated August 14,1976

This year during deer hunting season each property owner who has paid their dues will be allowed only one guest, same as last season. Signs will be posted at all three entrances to Timberon an there will be voluntary patrols.

Only property owners will be allowed to fish, with a limit of ten fish for a family per day.

The Developer, Johnny Mobley donates property for the Fire Department building adjacent to the swimming pool.

The Developer agrees to donate land for a church site in the area set aside for the school, located on the Southeast end of the airstrip.

Timberon Log dated October 30, 1976

We now have health insurance coverage on all Property Owners Association employees.

At a meeting Harry West informed the property owners that the Timberon Mountaineer (newspaper) was not financed by the Developer or the Property Owners Association. He explained the problems of trying to publish a paper without any money to hire help, travel, etc… The Property Owners Association agreed to reimburse Harry for past personal expenditures if he could not get the money elsewhere.

Rev. Frank Wheeler said a site for a church had been promised by the Developer. Rev. Wheeler is coming to Timberon every Tuesday night to have bible study and every Sunday for worship services.

Timberon Log dated February 19, 1977

It was reported that some wood is being cut in unauthorized areas. The Developer said that he would see that they were redirected to proper areas.

The Developer, Johnny Mobley, reminds the Board that the lower fishing lake will have to be drained in order to be sealed. The fish will be removed and put back in after it has been sealed and refilled. He said the seeping of the lake is causing the tie-down area of the airstrip to stay damp and sustain damage.

The possibility of getting phone service from Dell City looks good, but first we need at least 30 applicants.

Timberon Log dated August 30,1977

An increased effort is being made to prevent non-paid members from using Association facilities.

Harry West suggests that a solar unit to heat the pool can be obtained for about $800, thus eliminating the $300 per month propane costs.

The Baptist Missionary Board puts up $15,000 towards building a small non-denominational church in Timberon. Local church collections are over $900 and other congregations in the area have donated $1,000.

Harry West asks about the dishwasher in the Lodge, and wonders why the dishes are being washed by hand. Ed Jennings says he thinks the dishwasher was working, but that it takes longer to use it than to do them manually. Dave Tappan injects that the dishwasher costs $1,000, is required by the Environmental Department and should be used.

Timberon Lodge dated October 29, 1977

Dean Blagowsky joins the land sales staff announcing that some property owners will be licensed and a lot resale department will be started next year. He also says that his group will start selling Champion modular homes.

George Cliff completes the enclosure remodeling of the Lodge patio, adding a fireplace.

The Memorial Flagpole in front of the Lodge is made available to bronze memorial plaques for deceased property owners at a cost of $40 to their families.

Truman Jones pays to restock the lower lake with trout.

The Property Owners Association assists Harry West with a contribution, as do many property owners, enabling him to continue publishing the Timberon Mountaineer. The Developer is also commended for printing and mailing two issues to the whole Association.

Bill (Smitty) Smith, Association Security Officer, reports the arrest of a property owner and his wife for burglary. Several thousand dollars worth of property is recovered and 14 burglaries are solved by this arrest.

Dell City applies for a low interest federal loan to expand their phone system to Timberon.

Harry West reports that the Timberon Mountaineer is in debt by about $271 and that CB listings are available for $1 each to help pay the deficit. The Property Owners Association assures Harry that he would not have to pay these expenses personally.

The Developer says that the trailer along the airstrip would be moved to an RV area soon.

Timberon Log dated January 7, 1978

Vandalism and lack of interest among the younger set has caused the game room to be closed. A recommendation was made that the pinball machine and pool table be returned to their owners and the room be used for storage.

Security Officer Bill ‘Smitty’ Smith reports that a few minor break-ins are occurring, but articles of value have not been taken.

The Developer, Johnny Mobley, expects an influx of sales personnel this spring and requests additional services from the restaurant.

The Developer reports that Representative Mershon is working on the road situation. The effort will now be concentrated on getting right-of-way for a road from Sunspot, upon the ridge and into Timberon from the North.

Harry West says contributions to the Timberon Mountaineer have picked up and he believes the publication will now be viable, however more articles are needed for publication from members.

It is agreed that an under-cover man may be employed periodically, if requested by the Security Officer and Registered Agent.

Timberon Log dated March 4, 1978

A letter is sent to the State Highway Commission stating that the Property Owners would relieve them of liabilities for any injuries during the time that they would be repairing and improving the road over to 506.

The Fire Department buys a resuscitator with revenue sharing funds allotted by the County.

Harry West expresses his delight at the progress being done on the Pro Shop in the last couple of months.

The Security Officer reports flagrant violations by game poachers in Timberon. One violator has been arrested, but several more were accessories to the fact.

An Environmental and Wildlife Protection Committee was established in Timberon. Committee members were Ed Jennings, Bill Smith, Bobby Williamson, George Cliff and Lew Lund.

Timberon Log dated October 28, 1978

Steve Hollabaugh is hired as maintenance man after Lee Jennings resigns.

A lawsuit is filed against the Army to allow a road from 506 to be cut due North into Timberon.

Dell City Telephone Cooperative receives a low interest federal loan to bring service into Timberon.

Property Owners get free use of the slopes at Ski Cloudcroft.

In T-8 fifty-one percent of the Property Owners vote to reduce the square footage from 1,000 to 850 for home size.

Timberon Log dated March 17, 1979

The Developer deeds the Lodge to the Property Owners.

Harry West reports that the Spring edition of the Timberon Mountaineer is about ready for publication, but mailing funds are running low.

The Developer states that the Land Office would soon receive their new computer and that the old one would be donated to the Property Owners. However, in the end it is donated to the El Paso Public School System instead.

There are two minor break-ins of cabins and the vandalism of the school bus reported by Security.

Timberon Log dated June 23, 1979

A barrier of cross-ties are place between the propane tanks and parking lot after the propane truck’s brakes fail, it rolls down the slope and knocks the tanks off their mountings. There was no explosion.

The fishing limit is set at 6 per day per family, as suggested by Roy Sellers, and all fish caught must be kept.

The Property Owners Association agrees to furnish the prize of golf woods at the Firecracker Open tournament on the 4th of July.

The Summer edition of the Timberon Mountaineer is about ready for publication, but is currently about $158 in debt. The Developer agreed to pay the postage and the Property Owners Association will pay the $158 needed to complete the printing.

Timberon Log dated September 15, 1979

The Property Owners Association buys a TRS-80 computer from Radio Shack after attending an impressive demonstration of the machine.

It is reported that Lou Fetters will be coming soon to present a plan from Tri-State Associated Grocers for delivery of supplies to the General Store and Lodge Restaurant.

O’Neal James presents a proposal for trash removal service in Timberon.

Hunting in Timberon is again limited only to members of the Property Owners Association.

A barbecue pit is built behind the Lodge.

Timberon Log dated October 27, 1979

The Lodge restaurant has been remodeled and is operating in the black.

There is new pavement placed around the Lodge.

Trash is no longer being dumped at the Lodge and there is a trash pick-up service available if you wish to subscribe.

The need for building a fire station and getting a school in Timberon is discussed.

Appreciation is expressed for the County getting the roads into Timberon in such good shape.

Timberon Log dated January 26, 1980

Most Association Members are sending donations to the fire department along with their dues and the Property Owners Association donates $1,000 to the Fire Department Building Fund.

The Developer proposes to donate three additional acres of land to the Timberon Chapel, one acre for expansion / parking and two acres for a cemetery.

Pastor Frank Wheeler proposes that the Property Owners Association accept the cemetery acres and administer the operation of it. The Association agrees to do this dependent upon findings concerning State and Federal regulations.

Timberon Log dated May 31, 1980

Harry West requests aid in publishing the next edition of the Timberon Mountaineer. The Developer agrees to pay for half of the cost while the Property Owners Association agrees to pay the remaining half. Harry states that he is going to ask for subscriptions for future editions.

Dell City Telephone is committed to having telephone service installed by January 1, 1981.

Security reports that a gang of robbers are operating in the area, but have not as yet shown up in Timberon.

Timberon Log dated October 25, 1980

Roy Sellers, the President of the Property Owners Association, submits the following letter: After leaving the meeting Saturday, I saw several Bow Hunters driving trucks around the Golf Course area. Sunday morning, I saw the same thing again. I asked if we had a designated area for hunting and was told yes, but the hunters didn’t seem to pay any attention to regulations.
With the National Forest and all the other open hunting areas, do we have to get someone seriously injured or killed to stop hunting in Timberon?
I believe that 90% of all members would rather watch the game we have than to hunt them, and I know 99% of the people who live here are afraid to get outside of their homes during hunting season. I would appreciate it if this matter would be considered by the Association soon.

A Crime Stoppers program is started in conjunction with Otero County.

A school building is brought in, with class to begin next year.

Timberon Log dated January 17, 1981

It is decided that the restaurant should have a professional manager, to be paid $800 a month. Donnie Smith is hired.

Roy Sellers brings up the fact that the employees are, in general, underpaid. Some of the employees salaries are raised.

One of the furnaces blows up in the Lodge. It is decided to replace both furnaces with the pilot-less type.

The Property Owners donated a tractor to the Fire Department.

It is decided that the Property Owners Association lend money to the Fire Department to go towards building the station.

Timberon Log dated April 18, 1981

Harry West invites Herb Little of Lubbock to give a presentation of solar heating for the pool. It is decided to purchase solar collectors to heat the pool for $5,886. Tom Cook will install the pad for the collectors at a cost of $1,397. The Fire Station will be able to use the collectors for heating during the pool’s off months, but must connect to it at their own expense.

Tom Cook is hired to put a new floor in the patio area of the Lodge.

Security Officer Bill Smith reports that there have been only a few minor break-ins. It seems that they are very carefully breaking in, taking a little food while stealing nothing else, and not vandalizing anything.

There are now 205 permanent buildings in Timberon, 195 of these homes.

We are looking for a pool attendant, someone from outside Timberon. All the attendants we have had in the past have been local and all the kids know them, and take advantage of them. Mary Seidl is asked but refuses to take the job.

The Developer, Johnny Mobley, puts 500 fish into the stream.

The Property Owners Association pays for the mailing of the Timberon Mountaineer newspaper in order to get the Fourth of July activity information out to property owners.

Harry West, Bill Berkebile and Ken Baird become the first board members of what will later be known as the Timberon Protective Association. Their only duties at this time is to enforce the property restrictions in the Commercial Area.

The Property Owners Association pledges 5% of the year’s membership dues to help buy equipment for the Fire Department.

Timberon Log dated June 20, 1981

Money is saved by hiring Steve Hollabaugh on a hourly basis instead of having a full-time maintenance man for the Lodge.

All outdoor equipment for the Fourth of July activities have been bought and are on site. The horseshoe pits are to be constructed next week by Ed Granjennet.

The Fire Department is upgraded to a class 9 by the Insurance Services of New Mexico. We can expect lower insurance rates as a result of this.

Gasoline has not been available at the store for about 2 months now. The Association is asked operate their own service station, they refuse but will consider some action if the problem is not solved soon.

Timberon Log dated August 22, 1981

There was one bad break-in reported at Dr. Woodall’s in Sacramento Estates. Some expensive electronic equipment was taken and the Sheriff’s Department is notified.

Bill Davis is hired to assist Bill Smith in Security and Architectural Control functions.

Timberon has grown from approximately 25 homes in 1972 to 225 homes today.

Timberon Log dated October 31, 1981

The Property Owners Association pledges another 5% of the annual membership dues to help out the Fire Department.

There was quite a bit of discussion on the need for a good General Manager in Timberon.

Ernie and Peggy Whomans are hired to manage the swimming pool.

The Timberon Property Owners Association has 3519 regular members, 152 RV Area members, and 83 Time Share members.

Timberon Log dated January 30, 1982

Bill Davis is hired on a full-time basis as part-time security guard and maintenance man for $650 a month and fringe benefits.

The swimming pool operators are allowed to sell sandwiches and soft drinks, keeping any profits they might realize.

Parker Hinesley was hired to put the solar collector for the swimming pool into operation for $468.

There is discussion on the need of a general manager for the property. Harry West, having just finished being a Board Director, is hired.

Bill Berkebile expresses a desire to a basketball court contructed.

Timberon Log dated May 29, 1982

A special meeting is requested by a Committee of Property Owners (Mary Seidl, Curtis Reece, Keith Meyers, and Joe Fetters) to discuss the hiring of Harry West as Business Manager. The Committee carried with them proxies representing 1,759 votes to back their views.

A motion is made by Committee member, Mary Seidl, that the manager position be abolished and anyone presently occupying it be terminated. The Board of Directors is then ordered to appoint a committee to outline the duties and properly go through the steps of hiring a manager.

Jordan Shaaf states that due to the dissatisfaction of all the Property Owners, the Board of Directors had better get the message and be sensitive to the feelings of the committee and those they represent.

Board President, Bill Berkebile, suggests that the motion be changed to a suggestion and the Board will review it. The committee responds that if it is asked to withdraw the motion, an election for a new Board of Directors would be called.

Keith Meyers states that the Committee began as a small group, but was growing because Property Owners were not pleased with the way the Manager’s job was created, the way in which the Manager was hired, and the cost of his salary.

Harry West tells about all he has done since taking the job of Manager.

The outcome of the meeting is that no vote would be taken that day, but the motion/suggestion would be reviewed and changes made to the Association’s bylaws in the near future.

Timberon Log dated June 5, 1982

Developer Johnny Mobley states that it is his intention to bring all Timberon roads up to County specifications, though not all roads would be finished at the same time. He stated that eventually the maintenance would be the responsibility of the County.

Johnny Mobley asks if the Property Owners will assume responsibility for the runway, once it is resurfaced. Board President Bill Berkebile asks him to write a letter stating his intentions.

Timberon Log dated August 14, 1982

Manager Harry West states that the remodeling of the Association’s offices, Lodge bathrooms and public restrooms is nearly completed.

The upgrading of the roads to meet County specifications will begin next Spring, according to the Developer. Bill Berkebile states that if the County does not take the roads over as promised, the cost of the Association maintaining them would be $75,000 a year.

The validity of the agreement between the Developer and Property Owners for the take-over of the water system upon completion is questioned. The Board discusses entering into a new agreement with the Developer on the water system.

The Developer, Johnny Mobley sends a letter to the Board requesting they take over operations of the airstrip. A decision on the airstrip is tabled until a future date.

Johnny Mobley resigns from the Board, citing a conflict of interest between being the Developer and a Board Director.

Timberon Log dated October 30, 1982

There are two break-ins reported on property, as well as the theft at the Lodge of $500 and the fire at the Hinesley home.

Bill Davis is elected Fire Chief. He states that there have been two structural fires and one brush fire this year.

The Developer, Johnny mobley forms a water corporation and applies for a certificate of Public Convenience and necessity, a certificate that is required before he can charge for the use of the water.

A cleanup campaign is underway at the fishing lakes; clearing them of cattails, brush and debris.

The Architectural Committee is formed with Tom Cook as Chairman.

Restaurant costs and expenses are discussed and it is decided that shorter hours and less employees will cut expenses.

Timberon Log dated November 27, 1982

The Property Owners file a Petition of Intervention for the hearing on Timberon Water Company’s application to charge for water. The Property Owners state that they have no problem with a charge for the water, the problem is that an agreement had not yet been reached on the Developer turning over the system upon completion.
a statement is made that the estimated completion date for the road and water system is the year 2005.

Timberon Log dated January 29, 1983

An agreement is reached between the Developer and the Property Owners on the take-over of the water system in the future. Signing of the agreement is delayed until the springs and surrounding area can be surveyed.

The Developer presents an agreement concerning the Property Owners take-over of the air-strip, golf course, tennis courts and pro shop upon completion of each facility. Finalization of the agreement is set for the next meeting.

Timberon Log dated May 28, 1983

Five break-ins are reported for the month. Bill Cobb requests a letter be sent to the County for the on-site presence of a Deputy on Fridays through Sundays.

Chris Murtishaw suggests that the pool stay open seven days a week, this will be done contingent upon help to watch it. Chris also voices a concern about unattended children on the Lodge grounds. This problem will most likely be remedied by publicizing it through the two local newspapers.

Tom Cook makes a motion to dismiss the General Manager, Harry West. The motion receives no second and dies on the floor.

Harry West offers his resignation to the Board. Tom Cook moves to accept, it is seconded by Frank Wheeler and passes unanimously. Harry will continue on through June 30th.

Timberon Log dated August 6, 1983

There is a problem with the newspapers in reporting factual events concerning the Association. Bill Cobb states that an editor of a newspaper has a responsibility of truth.

No further progress has been made concerning the agreement concerning the eventual take-over of the Water Company by the Property Owners.

Timberon Log dated September 24, 1983

Bill Cobb reads a letter from the Sheriff’s Department that stated the inability to provide Timberon with an on site Deputy.

The Associations computer TS-80 computer is presently in Albuquerque being repaired and an addition of a hard drive is estimated to cost $1,100.

Adelina Ayers is employed to work as cook in the Lodge restaurant. Her husband Dave is currently employed part-time in Architectural Control.

The Timberon Protective Association is formed. The State charter was received last week.

Bill Davis states that the Timberon Lions Club is currently working on the street signs on property.

Joe Leary was chosen as the new General Manager at a salary of $20,000 a year.

Timberon Log dated February 4, 1984

Joe Leary is introduced as the Property Owners Association’s new General Manager

The Associations application for a bulk mailing permit is denied. It is decided that it was too much trouble anyway and that since the mail would have to be delivered to the Pinon Post Office by hand it would hurt the Timberon Community Post Office.

The Developer, Johnny Mobley, explains to the Property Owners that he would be operating the same as in the past, but would be pushing Time-Shares around the golf course where he envisions a 20 unit time share complex in the near future.

The Developer tells the Property Owners that repairs to the runway will begin shortly. They will roll up the existing surface, kill the soil this time so that grass will not penetrate the surface, and put down a tar and chip top that should last at least 5 years before any major problems occur. When this is done he wants to turn over the airstrip to the Property Owners.

It is announced that the second nine on the golf course is under construction now and should be playable by 1986. Executive (short) tee boxes are being built on the existing front nine holes.

It is brought out that communication between the Association and its members has been greatly improved due to the community’s two newspapers.

Suggestions are made as to tactics such as school bus routes, fire station, etc… that may prove helpful in getting the County to work on the roads now under their maintenance.

Tom Cook suggests that the existing leaky patio roof be torn out and the patio area be extended to be 40 x 100 feet. With the replacement of the bathrooms thi would probably cost in the neighborhood of $200,000. Bandaiding the existing patio would cost about $35,000. It is decided to wait until the existing roof begins to leak so badly that the only option is to replace it, and decide which route to go at that time.

It is announced that the street signs have been ordered and that the Lions Club will install them upon arrival.

It is decided that as a token of appreciation for the many hours and expertise contributed by Bill Berkebile, a first class set of luggage is to be purchased and delivered to him and his wife.

Roger Anderson, contracted to do computer work for the Association, expressed concern about the power surges and brown-outs here on the mountain. He suggested that a battery backup ($1,000) or a shut down system ($150) be purchased. He was authorized to purchase a shut down system.

Bill Cobb suggests the construction of a community building to supplement the patio area during group gatherings. It should be about a 120 x 60 foot building with restrooms, a future kitchen area, and storage. The cost of a bare-bones version of such a structure should be around $100,000. The best spot for such a building would be where the present playground is, the playground can be moved to around the pool area.

Timberon Log dated May 5, 1984

The availability of Dining is discussed. There is currently the Blue Barn, Lounge at the Pro Shop, Country Kitchen, and the Lodge Restaurant - but none stay open past 7pm.

The Lions announce that their street signs project is scheduled to begin in the near future.

A computer backup "Minute Man" has been purchased to protect from brownouts and blackouts.

There is a "name the band" contest for the local community band. Billy Reece wins the contest with the name "Timbertunes."

The Carlsbad Association of Retarded Citizens requests forgiveness of over $3,000 in membership dues liens on property donated to them. The request is denied.

A resolution by Tom Cook is adopted barring all dogs from the Timberon Lodge.

There is an ongoing problem of people’s pets being shot and mutilated.

A race car rally is held on some of the more remote Timberon roads and there is discussion on whether or not this can be prevented from happening again in the future.

Timberon Log dated June 2, 1984

There are some problems with Circle Cross cattle residing on the golf course. The other area ranchers cooperate fully when this sort of problem arises, however, Circle Cross is less than cooperative.

Shannon Belmont is the reigning "Miss Timberon" for 1984.

There appears to be damage to the trees in the area. Forester Randy Baker said he believes the damage was caused by heavy hail, after which bacterial pests invaded the trees.

Sam and Pat Davis are hire on at the Lodge as full-time cook and waitress.

A discussion is held concerning the possibility of Otero County taking over the airstrip. It is felt that once the resurfacing is completed, no major repairs will be needed for another 10 - 15 years.

Bill Cobb states that by having our own security force, we are paying twice for law enforcement which should come from the County Sheriff.

Timberon Log dated August 4, 1984

The memory banks of the present computer are filled and no other information can be absorbed. It is decided to purchase an IBM-XT at a cost of around $10,000. The present machine will be used as a word processor and the oldest machine will be donated to the school.

T.P. Hanson, reporting for the Ad-Hoc committee concerning the feasibility of the Lodge Annex, suggests that the annex be made an extension of the present lodge. The building will encompass 7200 square feet, housing the restaurant and restrooms. Initially, it will cost a little over $100,000.

Timberon Log dated September 15, 1984

A letter is sent to the Otero County Commissioners expressing appreciation for the recent road improvements inside the property and a request is made for the installation of stop signs.

A decision is made to go ahead and accept the airstrip from the Developer next year.

Bill Berkebile presents his brief background of Timberon, entitled "A Bit of History," to the Property Owners.

Bill Cobb states that approximately $227,000 in taxes is paid yearly by Timberon Property Owners and it should not be unreasonable to expect the services of the Sheriff’s Department.

Timberon Log dated October 27, 1984

So far this year there have been 74 building requests approved, 65 of which were for new homes. There are presently 99 permanent families and 208 seasonal homes in Timberon.

Chris Murtishaw, after 8 months of trying, succeeds in getting a two month training course in Timberon.

A used rescue vehicle and new fire truck are purchased.

It is announced that the new fire sub-station will be operational next year.

An initial proposal from architect Charles Nolan of Alamogordo reveals a completed figure for the new Lodge Annex of $275,000. The purpose of this building is for meetings, dances, recreation and all needs of the Property Owners.

Bill Cobb states that evidence exists that the Developer will attempt to sidestep his resolution in turning over the Water Department to the Property Owners and an adversary position is apparent. Communications between the two parties attorneys has broken down. It is suggested that a letter be sent to the Public Utilities Commission expressing the Property Owners concern and that an injunction be sought to block development of T-17 (the area adjacent to the springs) until a resolution is reached.

The Property Owners impose a number of provisions on their acceptance of the Airstrip that the Developer’s Project Manager doubts will be accepted, but agrees to pass on…

Timberon Log Dated January 12, 1985

The Lodge general manager says the restaurant $13,406 more than it took in in 1984.

A letter is sent to Otero County Electric Coop. Requesting explanations for the frequent power outages and subsequent surges. A meeting is set up where the Cooperative fields questions from about 72 Timberon residents.

The organizers of the last Christmas party are commended for their good job by the Board. They include Wanna Bell Ross, Sue Haisley, Gertie Grabner, Frances Stout, Joe & Maggie Roseborrough, Marilyn Leary, and Danelle Ross.

The New Year’s Eve party is a great success, with music supplied by Mark Clark, Monte McCullom and Wilbur Fry.

It is decided to set up an entertainment committee to assist in the activities for the coming year.

Representatives of the Property Owners attend a meeting in Alamogordo concerning hunting laws in the State. They present the concerns of the Timberon residents to the attending members of the Game & Fish Department.

T.P. Hanson advises the Property Owners that the turnkey cost of the new Lodge Annex, at this point, appear to be around $280,000.

Jordan Schaaf recommends the Property Owners borrow the money to pay off the Lodge Annex over a 10-20 year period, instead of paying cash out of the general fund. Tom Cook expresses his opposition to long-term indebtedness. A committee is appointed to study the best route.

A contract agreement for the Property Owners to take over the airstrip from the Developer is presented. Johnny Mobley, the developer, advises the Property Owners that the FAA will reseal the airstrip every 3 years, provided it will be available to outside traffic. Tom Cook says that he is not in favor of accepting the airstrip, an expenditure of this amount (insurance, etc…) for the use of 10-12 people is not justified when there is no expectation of any financial return. Chris Murtishaw states that none of our facilities are producing a profit. T.P. Hanson injects that the airstrip benefits property values and will be needed in the future. The Board decides to accept it, but not unanimously.

Jordan Schaaf recommends that the Board follow "Robert’s Rules of Order." Chris Murtishaw says that the Board needs to follow some sort of rules. Tom Cook states that "Robert’s Rules of Order" are too restrictive and we need to operate in a more relaxed atmosphere. No decision is made on the suggestion.

In an effort to secure a closer relationship with the County as to road repairs, thought is given to someone from Timberon running for the County Commission.

Timberon Log Dated February 12, 1985

Frank Wheeler suggests putting trash containers along the street in the downtown area, the developer will provide the cans. Tom Cook reminds everyone, that according to the Covenants in that section, the cans must be hidden or buried and that defeats the purpose. The matter is tabled.

Discussion proceeds on the Property Owners accepting the Water Company from the Developer, although there is a problem on how large an area should be reserved as a buffer zone around the springs.

Timberon Log Dated March 16, 1985

The Lodge restaurant has lost $4,300 so far this year. Jordan Schaaf suggest a slight raise in prices because restaurant expenses are "eating our lunch." Tom Cook suggests a different approach to increase volume by lowering food and liquor prices. It is decided after a long discussion to leave prices the way they are. Tom Cook advises the Board that after the summer season the restaurant will probably be closed, because we can’t afford to spend the Property Owner’s money to supplement the place.

The airstrip deed and map are received by the Property Owners, but a triangular section in the property has been omitted by the developer. Tom Cook says that he has spoken to Johnny Mobley about this and was told that an aircraft service area was planned to go in there in the future.

The Property Owners contact the New Mexico Transportation Department and are advised that they do not qualify for aid in airstrip maintenance.

The New Mexico Public Service Commission sends a letter concerning their investigation concerning the power outages in Timberon. They advise people who can substantiate losses due to power outages to submit claims to Otero Electric for possible insurance payments.

There is a disagreement on where the Bar & Lounge should be located when the new annex is constructed. Jordan Schaaf recommends moving the bar upstairs along with the restaurant, while T.P. Hanson is in favor of leaving the bar downstairs to insure the original concept of separation of dining and drinking areas. The decision is made to move the bar upstairs, but it is not unanimous.

Three rough sketches of floor plans for the Lodge Annex are presented by Architect Charles Nolan and one by Ron Maksyn. The Property Owners go with Ron Maksyn’s plan after a few adjustments.

Timberon Log Dated April 27, 1985

Pool repairs are continuing. New concrete has been poured and a privacy fence is being installed around the lower section of the pool.

Architect Charles Nolan tells the Property Owners that the blueprints for the annex should be completed in about two weeks, then it will be put out for bid.

Wanna Bell Ross, Sue Haisley and Marilyn Leary are asked by the Board to give their suggestions for decorating the new restaurant. Tom Cook suggests that no theme should be considered, but keep the restaurant richly elegant.

Charles Nolan agrees to furnish an artist’s conception of the Lodge Annex for public viewing.

The General Manager advises the Board that he has discussed the rumored new road from Sunspot to Scott Able Canyon with agents of the U.S. Forest Service and they said that such a road is included in future plans, but the completion date won’t be until 1993.

Timberon Log Dated July 6, 1985

The Board attorney strongly advises against publishing the names of members that are delinquent in their dues payments.

The bids for the new Lodge Annex are scheduled to be opened on July 9th.

Marilyn Leary, Elise Schaaf, Sue Haisley, Yvonne Fetters and Wanna Bell Ross are appointed as the design committee for the Lodge Annex.

Timberon Log Dated August 24, 1985

T.P. Hanson advises the Property Owners that construct began on the Lodge Annex August 12th.

The Board has been busy trying to cut the cost of the Annex in any feasible way.

Willie Fenske advised the Board that a suit was being prepared against the Timberon Protective Association concerning mobile homes in the area.

Lou Fetters suggests that due to recent thefts in the Lodge and the improper use of the lobby as sleeping facilities, the Lodge should be locked at night. It is so ordered by the Board.

The first Annual Fireman of the Year award was given to Wanna Bell Ross.

Timberon Log Dated November 9, 1985

Receipts for the retirement dinner for Bill "Smitty" Smith total $286.83, not including the photograph taken at the dinner.

Tom Cook is commissioned to build the tables for the Lodge Annex dining room.

At this point the overall cost for the Lodge Annex is set at $301,947.

Sue Quick submits the proposed budget for the Timberon Protective Association at $70,210. The legal fund is raised to $10,000.

Jesse Duckett suggests that the old restaurant area downstairs be used as a community library. The Board is leaning towards making it a nursery and does not give the library serious consideration at that time.

The General Manager attends a meeting in Cloudcroft which concerns the Forest Service’s plans to build a logging road from the Sunspot area to Scott Able Canyon. It would originally be a 14 foot wide dirt road. Long range plans include widening it to a two lane blacktop road with the possibility of continuing it on into Timberon and eventually Pinon.

Timberon Log Dated January 18, 1986

To ward off a lawsuit, the requested changes are made and approved in the covenants of T-10.

Jesse Duckett again presents a plan to use part or all of the basement area as a library. The Board instructs him to obtain more detailed information on establishing a library and asks the General Manager to check on any adverse insurance problems which may accompany the establishment of a nursery in the basement.

Timberon Log Dated February 8, 1986

A room upstairs in the Lodge, formerly known as the Lion’s Room, is made available for use as a library.

Johnny Mobley, the developer, discontinues maintenance of the roads in Timberon.

The Lodge Annex is scheduled to be finished by the end of March, with the Grand Opening to be the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.

Litigation continues over the Covenants in T-10, with the Timberon Protective Association pushing for a quick court decision.

The County takes the position that Timberon’s population density does not qualify our roads for their attention. It is the Property Owner’s responsibility to maintain them. Johnny Mobley gives the Property Owners a road grader for free.

Timberon Log Dated May 30, 1986

Bill Cobb threatens to sue the Board if they do not give in to his demands for lower membership payments on his multiple lots in Timberon and other demands, some realistic and some not so. The Board begins to make plans for a compromise on the issues in question.

The County resumes grading in Timberon as a result of the efforts of the Timberon Road Committee.

The military refuses to grant the right-of-way necessary for an all-weather road south to 506.

Timberon Log Dated July 19, 1986

The Developer presents a proposal that the Property Owners assume ownership and operation of the Water Company and the Golf Course. The details will be worked out through the attorneys.

The Property Owners accept the Water Company and Golf Course with a resolution that is to be subject to the approval of both parties attorneys. Part of the agreement involved the Developer’s offer to bring the back 9 on the golf course into operational condition and external renovation of the Pro Shop building.

The Developer turns over the retail liquor license to the Property Owners.

The Property Owners are promised the use of the Timberon Logo "for now and in the future."

Timberon Log Dated January 3, 1987

Timberon Protective Association’s outstanding legal bills over a covenants problem in T-10 have reached $8,273. Attorney Tom Sandenaw has donated $1,000 of his time on the suit.

T.P. Hanson advises the property owners that the construction of the Lodge Annex is substantially completed. Total cost of construction is $341,527.

Curtis Reece suggested to the other Board members that bids on all items of consequence should be let, public notice locally should suffice. The Board will solicit the membership’s opinion and think about it.

The Property Owners Association is drawn into the T-10 covenants lawsuit (also known as the Wilcox suit) that was filed against the Protective Association. It is decided that Mr. Wilcox be contacted to seek some avenue of negotiation concerning this matter.

Timberon Log Dated March 14, 1987

The heating system in the Pro Shop building is switched over to propane. The move is praised as a great improvement.

Norm Welborn, Chairman of the Water & Resources Committee, questions whether the water system is producing enough water for our growing community. He says the developer must improve the system before the property owners take it over.

Joe Roseborrough presents plans for a proposed remodeling of the interior of the Pro Shop to accommodate a game room. The Board promises to review the plans.

The proposed road out of Timberon down Grapevine Canyon is dealt a death blow by General Infante, national defense needs were cited.

Timberon Log Dated May 9, 1987

The property owners seem to be losing board member fast, with Lou Fetters resigning and then Curtis Reece.

Work on the sprinkler systems at the golf course is progressing nicely. Special thanks are offered to Euel Ross, Curtis Reece, Vic Hollrah and T.P. Hanson for their volunteer work. Jesse Duckett is recognized for his volunteer help in the Pro Shop and with golf tournaments.

Timberon Log Dated June 13, 1987

The developer’s liquor license is transferred to the property owners.

The Otero County Commissioners are invited to hold a meeting in Timberon and they actually accept.

Guest memberships are established for the golf course at the rate of family memberships, or $75.

Timberon Log Dated August 15, 1987

The many volunteers that helped with the parachute drops when the Green Berets were in Timberon were thanked. The Green Berets were testing newly designed parachutes.

The County Commissioners meet in Timberon and agree to work with us in getting the much-needed traffic control signs up.

Win Thorp, President of the newly formed Men’s Golf Association, recommends that the current Golf Pro George Thatcher be replaced with a person / or rehired in the capacity of someone - who can supervise activities and maintain the course on a full time basis. The Golf Association is also taking contributions for paint to use on the Pro Shop building, volunteers will paint it. The Property Owners Association donates $300 for paint.

It is announced that the BLM will hold an open meeting here to discuss McGregor Range and how it affects Timberon.

The insurance adjuster is here inspecting the F10 fairway mower that burst into flames earlier this month.

Timberon Log Dated November 14, 1987

The Wilcox lawsuit is appealed to the State Supreme Court. The Court rules in favor of Wilcox on one count, but found no evidence of any fraud on the second count.

Otero County personnel begin installing stop signs and curve signs in Timberon.

Lou Fetters, Chairman of the Road Committee, proudly announces that a letter has been received from General Infante - the Army recommends approval to pave the back road to Timberon and asks that BLM issue the appropriate easements and right-of-way.

Timberon Log Dated March 12, 1988

Jesse Duckett volunteers to give free golf lessons to the young people of Timberon.

Cliff Pert requests that the Board donate land for a basketball court, several people have already pledged material and labor for the project. He is asked to report back at a later meeting.

A request is made for permission to use the Lodge for some Little Theater productions. It would be necessary to build a stage at an approximate cost of $740, and it could be used for other purposes. Marcy Yeager was asked to report back to the Board on this at a later time.

The sprinkler system on the golf course has been completed and a representative of Southwest Toro is here to help with the programming of the computer system.

It appears that Lions Club bingo is becoming a regular event at the Lodge.

Timberon Log Dated April 16, 1988

An area adjacent to the playground is designated for the site of the new basketball court, construction will begin soon.

The Club Liquor license is to be moved from the Lodge to the Pro Shop and the Retail Liquor license is moved from the Pro Shop to the Lodge. This should happen by October.

Joe Leary, the General Manager, resigns.

Timberon Log Dated June 11, 1988

Plans are being made for the Fourth of July weekend - steak fry at the golf course, annual parade, Puttin’ on the Lips, and a dance with the KHEY Band.

Frank Preston is the new General Manager.

The Property Owners Association agrees to pay the additional $250 to complete the Little Theater’s stage.

Timberon Log Dated July 9, 1988

The first Christmas in July, arts and crafts fair, is held.

Mitch Johnson donates a lot to the Property Owners Association on the condition that it be raffled and the proceeds used on the golf course.

First Nation Bank of Alamogordo is in the process of foreclosing on the Water Company.

Lila Oliveri comments on the condition of the airstrip - damage being done to their plane.

Timberon Log Dated August 13, 1988

The Lions Club builds a new BBQ pit behind the Lodge.

The Extension Club donates the materials to build a trophy case for the lobby of the Lodge, the Lions Club / Dave Davis agrees to build it.

Tie downs for six airplanes are installed on the airstrip.

It is decided to convert the basement of the Lodge into a recreation room.

The Timberon Fire Department receives the Best Community Service Award, the Fire Chief receives the State Award for Fire Chief of the Year, Chris Murtishaw and Steve Hollabaugh both also receive state awards.

Timberon Log Dated December 10, 1988

Square Dance lessons are offered in the Lodge.

The Timberon Protective Association was effectively abolished. Hazzie Quick resigned from the Property Owners Board citing family / personal reasons and there is definite evidence that his wife, Sue, may have been embezzling funds from the organization.

Timberon Log Dated February 11, 1989

A decision is made to contract Triple M Company to maintain the roads in Timberon.

Max Goodwin, District Ranger in Cloudcroft / Forest Service, spoke regarding the Forest Service’s 10-year long range plan and asked for any suggestions as to how they could better serve the people of Timberon.

The Timberon Protective Association files for dissolution with the Corporation Commision.

The first hearing regarding the formation of a Water District in Timberon was held in Alamogordo.

Timberon Log Dated April 15, 1989

Timberon is a top contender for the location of a Forest Service warehouse. The developer has offered to donate some property on which to place the warehouse, should Timberon be selected.

The Forest Service proposes putting a 60’ radio tower here, if it is agreeable with us. It is decided that they can put it up by the ninth green of the golf course.

Alamogordo School District begins making noises about closing the Timberon School. A letter is sent to them in defense of the school being here.

Timberon Log Dated May 20, 1989

The property owners file a class action suit against Developer Johnny Mobley, hoping to recover some funds or assets to cover the many promises made that had not been fulfilled.

The Alamogordo School Board votes four to one in favor of keeping the Timberon School open another year.

It is reported that for her embezzlement, Sue Quick was given a 9-year suspended sentence. She was instructed to repay the Property Owners Association, starting with a $5,000 payment.

Timberon Log Dated July 8, 1989

On lawsuits: the Wilcox Case is still in court, Sue Quick paid $400 back, the class action against the developer is still in litigation.

The property owners are informed that everyone should plan to attend the County Commissioner’s meeting when a reserve deputy for Timberon is put on the agenda.

The possibility of getting a lifeguard for the pool is looked into.

Timberon Log Dated September 30, 1989

The Little Theater performs a play called "The Neglected Husband’s Sewing Club."

One of the Timberon parks is dedicated to Mary Glover, there will be a Mary Glover Memorial Dance that evening.

It is announced that the Lions Club has completed putting up street signs.

Hugh Ellison speaks on the proposed Water & Sanitation District. The original petition is to include water, roads and sewer. The Property Owners Association supports the Water District petition, but feels it should include solid waste removal, landfill services, recreation and park facilities. The Water District is the nearest thing Timberon is ever going to see to incorporation (town or village status).

At present Sue Quick is repaying $225 a week to the property owners. The balance of what she still owes is $45,622.

The Extension Club donates a piano to the Lodge.

The focus for a better road into Timberon is moved from the south route to the 14 mile Sacramento River Road.

Timberon Log Dated January 13, 1990

Citing the expensive legal costs involved in continuing litigation, the Property Owners offer 1st National Bank of Alamogordo $100,000 for the water company (in bankruptcy with the developer) even though it is still felt that the Property Owners have a strong claim to ownership as a result of past agreements. The offer was refused and no counter-offer was made.

Voting is held to make way for the formation of the Timberon Water & Sanitation District.

Title insurance is obtained for the golf course and the Property Owners are in the process of getting the insurance for the rest of their deeded property. The was seen as a wise move, in light of the developer’s bankruptcy and the confrontational stance of the 1st National Bank.

Lou Fetters reports that the New Mexico Highway Department has completed a study to get a draft through for the upgrading of the road from Sunspot to Timberon. A copy of the draft is sent to our representatives and Bill #369 starts along its political journey in Santa Fe.

Bruce Rhodes presents an appreciation plaque in honor of Bobby Postlewaite’s many years of dedicated service to the Association.

Timberon Log Dated March 16, 1990

The Otero County Sheriff come to Timberon for a town hall meeting to discuss internal security.

$40,000 is allotted by the State and put into the State Highway Department’s surplus fund for an engineering survey of the 14 mile Sacramento River Road. This part of a 90%-10% split, in which the County needs to come up with $4,000 for the preliminary assessment and environmental impact study on the road.

Sue Quick is still making payments for her embezzlement, at this point she owes $43,196.

An Order for Incorporation of the Timberon Water & Sanitation District is completed by Judge Grissom.

Timberon Log Dated April 21, 1990

A petition is circulated among Property Owners to present to the Otero County Commissioners for a full-time deputy in Timberon.

The Lions Club begin soliciting support and donations for covering the BBQ pit area behind the Lodge building with a roof.

Timberon Log Dated May 12, 1990

The Property Owners are told by the Otero County Commissioners that their budget will not support a deputy for Timberon.

It is announced that the Memorial Day golf tournament proceeds of $567, and whatever money comes from the Firecracker Open on the July 4th weekend, will go towards helping pay for the restrooms on hole #6. The restroom building was donated by Dell Telephone.

The 1st Annual Watermelon Feast is held at the Mary Glover Memorial Park.

A letter was received from the EID concerning violations at the old Timberon Dump. The problems were addressed by the Property Owners - who were looking into the future when the Timberon Water & Sanitation District would be operating a full-blow land fill system.

The County refuses to consider taking any more roads that are brought up to specs - with the formation of the new Water District, they want to wait and see what happens.

Timberon Log Dated July 14, 1990

Lou Fetters and Euel Ross attend a meeting at the New Mexico highway Commission in Alamogordo. The Commission writes a letter of concern asking the State to make the road from Sunspot to Timberon a priority. It is stated that the County puts up their $4,000 of the matching funds to start the Environmental Study of the 14 mile road.

The Property Owners are in an on-going process to gain clear title to the landfill (old dump) as Timberon needs it to remain operational.

The Property Owners Association moves to turn over their rights and claim to the water system and ownership of the airstrip, fishing lakes, existing 9 holes of the golf course and clubhouse, unfinished second 9 holes of the golf course, swimming pool, lodge complex, and landfill at no charge. The only stipulation was an agreement on perpetual care, maintenance, and use for the benefit of all Property Owners.

The T-Mart (a little hardware store located next to where Blue Water Real Estate is today - the Glovers live there now) closes its doors for good.

Concern is expressed about the deteriorating condition of the airstrip’s surface - it is suggested that vehicle be kept off it.

Timberon Log Dated September 18, 1990

A buffet is held in the Lodge, with the entertainment being the School Booster’s "Puttin’ on the Lips."

A program is started for junior firefighters. They must be 16 years of age to start and 18 years old to become a full-scale firefighter.

Ann Cobb donates 5.3 acres of land to the fire department for a new substation.

Timberon Log Dated November 17, 1990

The Property Owners Association is $8,000 over budget for the year in legal fees, and the amount is still rising due to the Wilcox Case (over doublewides in T-10 supposedly in violation of the restrictive covenants).

Lou Fetters reports that the two year study by the New Mexico State Highway Department has been completed and a report received. The report recommends the improvement of the 14 miles (Sacramento River Road) into Timberon and environmental and engineering studies are now under way.

Timberon Log Dated March 16, 1991

Frank Preston retires as General Manager for the Association.

Winning the court case concerning the covenants in T-10, Wilcox files another lawsuit asking $47,000 in legal fees and court costs be paid by the Property Owners.

Ruby Roberts becomes the new acting manager for the Property Owners Association.

Numerous break-ins have occurred of late and the Association offers a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the culprit.

The Pro Shop inventory is sold to Jesse Duckett for $1,535.00 as he is taking over management of the shop.

Timberon Log Dated May 18, 1991

Leon Metz, well-known historical writer, came for Channel 7 in El Paso as a guest of the Property Owners. He and his photographer toured the Lodge and other historical areas in and around Timberon.   His presentation will air on Sunday the 19th.

A caravan of officials, some 27 of them from federal, state, county and forest service came to Timberon to ponder the 14 mile road criteria.

Dick Moore reports that all Property Owners Association property has now been officially transferred to the new Water District. He also says that all of the Association’s outstanding debts have been paid off.

Timberon Log Dated August 17, 1991

A resolution is formally passed to dissolve the Timberon Property Owners Association. T.P. Hanson commended the Board for their hard work and stated that we had the most beautiful place in the whole world, and that he hoped the negative thinkers and freeloaders would have to pay taxes until their noses bleed. T.P. also stated that "we have torn up the thing that we had - which was the best thing in the world."

The Property Owners Association ceases all architectural control activities, as they no longer have the manpower or funding.

Timberon Log Dated November 16, 1991

On the advice of their attorney, the Property Owners Association will be dissolved through the courts instead of the Corporation Commission.

Vic Hollrah mentions to the Property Owners what great condition and good business the golf course has experienced this year.

Due to the dissolution, the liquor license needs to be sold. The Board feels that the license is an asset which needs to be preserved for the pleasure of the Property Owners. The bids will be looked at very closely in hopes of selecting someone who will provide a good and reliable service for the Property Owners - and will keep the license on the mountain.

Charlie Bain suggests that the time has arrived for some sort of "business association" to be formed to carry on the social activities that TPOA had been sponsoring.

Timberon Log Dated February 24, 1992

Dick Moore and High Ellison resign from the Property Owners Board of Directors over issues concerning the proposed handling of the Wilcox case during the final stages.

The Timberon Community Action Group (TCAG) begins formation - to take up some of the slack created by the Property Owners Association dissolving.

A group of Timberon Property Owners, calling themselves Discover Timberon, propose to operate a bar and package store at the Golf Course Lounge. They purchase the license for $8,500.

An agreement was reached in the T-10 Case, the Association pays Wilcox $25,127.50 and the 17 homes disputed in the suit will not have to be moved out. This move also settles all legal action pending against the Association.

Timberon Log Dated March 26, 1992

The Property Owners Association disposes of all remaining assets to the new Water District.

The Timberon Property Owners Association is legally dissolved by the courts in Alamogordo.

This should be the end of the story, but it’s not. You see the Court Clerk forgot to submit the proper records to the New Mexico Corporation Commission, or maybe they were lost in the mail. The result is that the Association was never completely dissolved in the eyes of the New Mexico Corporation Commission, even though it was legally dissolved.

In 1997, for a short period, the original Association’s charter was revived - with the officers being Dwayne Beagles, Virgil Beagles, and Bill Curtis. This reincarnation ended when the Corporation Commission was properly informed of the dissolution by the courts in 1992. The End.