Many thanks to Fran Visser, for submitting these items detailing the past in Sacramento. Fran received the CHIQUITA-SACRAMENTO document from the Postal Service, some years past. Subsequently, when Dr. Thomas Todsen, of Las Cruces, asked for information about the area to assist in his collection of postal cancellations, Fran was able to forward the document to him. You’ll see by Dr. Todsen’s handwritten response, he was grateful for the information, and he sent Fran the pictured cancellations stamps: from 1988, 1935 (when the area was called Chiquita), 1944, 1957, 1965, &1974.

Sacramento PO.JPG (38488 bytes)CHIQUITA - SACRAMENTO

The small mountain community of Sacramento is located fifteen miles southeast of Cloudcroft. When the area was first settled, the residents named the community Chiquita because of its location on Chiquita Creek.

The Chiquita Post Office was established on March 22, 1935. After only a month in operation, the residents decided to change the name to Sacramento. The word is Spanish meaning “the Most Blessed Sacrament,” and refers to the Holy Eucharist.

The postmaster officially changed the name of the post office on April 30, 1935.

Sadie Munson was appointed to the postmaster position on September 10, 1947. Sadie served the small community for twenty one years and died on November 21, 1968, while still the postmaster.

Patti White was installed as the acting postmaster and was appointed to the position on July 31, 1971. Patti resigned her position on June 9, 1989, and was replaced by several Officer-in-Charges (OIC).

The first to be assigned was Frances Visser. Frances served for three months and turned the office over to the second OIC, Debbie Stone. Debbie, the postmaster relief at the Weed Post office, served seventeen months before she was relieved by John Montoya on February 12, 1991.

John, a Part Time Flexible clerk from the La Luz Post Office, spent three and a half months as the acting postmaster and turned the office over to Billie Jean Jones, the High Rolls Post postmaster relief, on May 28, 1991.

The post office had been operating with acting postmasters for almost two and a half years. Finally, Billy Ellis was appointed to the postmaster position on November 16, 1991.

Billy became medically unable to perform the duties of the office and was replaced by an OIC. Again, on August 17, 1995, Frances Visser was placed in charge of the Sacramento Post office.

Postmaster Appointment Date

Elizabeth Wasson March 22, 1935
J. David Allen (act) November 19, 1943
Lillie Louise Riley April 15, 1944
Sadie C. Munson September 10, 1947
Patti B. (White) Brady December 31, 1968
Frances M. Visser (OIC) June 9, 1989
Debbie Stone (OIC) September 9, 1989
John R. Montoya (OIC) February 12, 1991
Billie Jean Jones (OIC) May 28, 1991
Billy Joe Ellis November 16, 1991
Frances M. Visser (OIC) August 17, 1995
Frances M. Visser (PMA) March 10, 1994

Dear Frances,

Many thanks for the information on Chiquita-Sacramento. I enclose photocopies of the different types of postmarks that I have, used before January 1st, 1988


Tom Todsen

Below are two of the postmarks - the photocopy is poor on the Chiquita one, but legible.

post1.jpg (13145 bytes)   post2.jpg (10952 bytes)