Conceptual Plan for Proposed Lodge

   As we plan for the future, here at SMA, we are putting a lot of effort into beginning fundraising efforts to build a beautiful new lodging facility. The conceptual plan of the new lodge includes 75 sleeping rooms with private baths, 6 meeting rooms with fireplaces & small kitchen facilities, and beautiful vistas from each floor of the lodge.

Lodge Concept.JPG (40391 bytes)   This causes us to reflect on the years past, and the growth & changes that have taken place at the Assembly.

   I’d like to thank Vickie McConnell (Administrative Secretary at SMA) for all her work in recovering, restoring & displaying historical photos & flyers, in a display case at the main assembly area (Skippers Hall). The following is reprinted from an old promotional brochure:

   The Sacramento Methodist Assembly originated from meetings started under the leadership of Rev. John S. Rice, first elected Conference President of the Epworth League in 1925, and through dreams of the Conference Young People for a mountain top camp.

Old Hospital.JPG (32874 bytes)
Old Hospital

   In 1930, a group of ministers under the leadership of the late Dr. N.L. Linebaugh, looked over the site offered the Church by the Chambers of Commerce of Roswell, Artesia, Carlsbad, and Hobbs.

   Rev. John Klassen and Dr. Bryan Hall were in the delegation that approved this site, and made a resolution to the forty-second session of the New Mexico Annual Conference, while in session at Walsenburg , Colorado on Friday, September 4, 1931, to accept the 229 acres of land in the Sacramento Mountains, for the purpose of establishing the Sacramento Mountain Methodist Assembly.

   The resolution was passed and a Board of Control was established to hold property, develop it and have general control of all activities carried out on the Assembly grounds. The Board of Control was to incorporate the Assembly under the laws of the state of New Mexico and make a detailed report to the New Mexico Annual Conference held October 31, 1934.

   During the summers of 1931 and 1932, the young people held their meetings at the Boy Scout Camp in Potato Canyon. By 1933, however, some buildings had been built by several churches in the Conference. The dining hall was also constructed that year, made available by money received through the sale of lots.

   At this time, Dr. Bryan Hall was appointed to this newly-formed position and a full summer program was developed. Interest in the camp grew by leaps and bounds, with many new projects being developed.

   The W. Angie Smith Chapel was begun and many hours of labor went into it by many faithful members of churches all over the Conference. This was just the beginning.

By Nancy Conner

(with a lot of help from old promotional flyers)


Old Mess Hall.JPG (20067 bytes)

Old Mess Hall

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Present Chapel