Callie Smith was born in Vandervoort, Arkansas on September 2, 1913. Her parents were William T. Smith, who was also born in Vandervoort, and Dolly Mae Sanders, who was born in Paducah, Kentucky. Callie's father was a farmer. He passed away at the early age of 55. Her mother lived to the age of 95 before passing away in 1990. Callie had one younger sister, Arnell Lucille Barnes, who now lives in Alabama. Callie remembers the time a cyclone, as they called a tornado back then, came through and blew their house down. The major casualty was her mother, who broke her hip. With no shelter following the cyclone, they had to then withstand a terrible hailstorm. It wasn't the best of times.

Callie attended the same school in Vandervoort as her father, going through the eleventh grade. She met her future husband, Phillip Green, whose sister and Callie's sister had been the best friends all through school, and had introduced them to each other. Callie and Phillip were married on January 11, 1931 in the country near Vandervoort. Three days later, they moved to New Mexico, and settled in Pierce Canyon, where he had been born on December 28, 1896 to Jessie Green and Fannie Westmoreland. His and Callie's house, which was built in 1925, is within a mile and a half of where Phillip was born. Their closest neighbors and friends were the Swope family, David and Lucille.

Callie and Phillip were married just as the Great Depression started, and the weather was so dry, the only crops people in the area planted were turnips and potatoes, hoping they would survive. After getting a late rain, that's what everyone had to eat that fall. Phillip didn't really care for turnips, but when that's all you have to eat, you learn to like them.

Callie spent over 40 years of her married life operating their dairy farm in Cox Canyon with Philip. It was a hard life - up at 4:30 and milking 20 Guernsey cows. They quit the public dairy in 1972, but continued to sell milk to a few families who came to the dairy for it. Callie gave a collection of their milk bottles to the Sacramento Mountains Historical Museum, where they are on display. Their farm has always been considered as being very picturesque, and many a photograph has been taken and pictures painted of it in the fall, with the golden aspen in the background and the shocks of wheat stacked in their field.

Callie and Philip had four children - June Lavelle, born in 1933, who is married to Ernest Lewis and has four children - Philip. Leroy, Nancy, and Ned; Mary Louise, born in 1941, who is married to George Young and has one child, Austin; and John Henry, born in 1945, who is married to Judy Allen and has one son, John Henry. Callie is proud to claim six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Philip passed away on May 26, 1982 at the age of 86. Callie presently lives on Ohio Avenue in Alamogordo, where she is noted for her gardening and her fine handwork with prize-winning quilts and afghans. She also enjoys family picnics, particularly the Green family reunions, which are held each year in June. She has been a Baptist all her life, and firmly believes in good Christian principles. She has two sayings that help guide her activities - "Try to treat people right," and "Sometimes you should keep your mouth shut!"