Clara Daugherty was born in Avis, New Mexico on January 8, 1914. Her father was Jasper Newton Daugherty, Jr. and her mother was Alice Ivans. Her father was a goat rancher in the Sacramento Mountains. He was the son of Jasper Newton Daugherty, Sr. and Mary Louisa Gardner. Clara's parents began married life on the Penasco River but, by 1905, had moved to Avis, where her father ran the store and worked at the post office. Clara had three brothers - Almer, Alton, and Alva, and three sisters - Winnie, Myrtle and Frances. Clara is the only member of her family still living.

In 1918, the family moved to Oklahoma but, after only a month, returned to New Mexico. They experienced their first tornado there, and that was enough. They farmed in Nogal Canyon, and then Jasper worked at Blazer's Mill. The children walked to the Mescalero School, where Clara started. Mrs. Blazer was her teacher. By 1921, the family moved to Tularosa, where her father worked as a blacksmith.

They then moved to Karr Canyon, where they lived for two years and raised lettuce, cauliflower, and cabbage. From there, they moved to Cox Canyon where her father farmed and also drove the school bus. Clara attended the Red Brick Schoolhouse in Cloudcroft during that time. After several years, the family moved to Cloudcroft. In the summertime, when Clara was thirteen, she worked for a German woman who ran the Wayside Inn. She was paid all of $6 a week. Clara cooked, served meals, washed dishes, and cleaned up.

Clara enjoyed Cloudcroft, and remembers skating and bowling at the Pavilion. She loved to wear high heels, and attended dances at a hall on main street. Clara finished the ninth grade in Cloudcroft, and then the family moved to Alamogordo where her father returned to being a blacksmith. He also was a well known fiddler, and made several instruments, including the base fiddle that is now in the Sacramento Mountains Historical Museum.

Clara went to High School in Alamogordo, but didn't graduate. She met Frank Danley while she was in the tenth grade. Frank had been born in the Sacramento Mountains. His father, also named Frank, had come to New Mexico from Texas. Clara and Frank decided to get married, but had to ask their parents because of their ages. That was a hard thing for Frank to do. They were married on December 27, 1930. Frank had eighty dollars in his pocket at the time. They bought a bed, and started married life living with her parents.

This was the start of the Great Depression, and people did most anything to raise money. Before the children arrived, Clara and Frank lived for a time in Orogrande, where they panned for gold. Clara kept the gold dust in a Carter's Little Liver Pills bottle. They also panned for gold in the Jicarillas Mountains, and lived briefly in Cameron, Arizona, where Frank worked in road construction. There wasn't much money for food. They ate a lot of biscuits and rice, which were cheap. Often, three or four families shared the same house.

Frank became a mechanic and heavy equipment operator and drove dump trucks, helping build roads throughout New Mexico. One of his construction jobs was the Highway 82 tunnel to Cloudcroft. With his constant job moving, the children sometimes attended two to three schools a year. Frank started with Burns Construction Company in Las Cruces as a mechanic foreman in 1952, and retired after twenty years in 1972, moving the family back to Otero County.

Clara and Frank had four children, all born in Alamogordo despite the numerous family moves. Maynard, the oldest, was born in 1934, June was born in 1937, Arleen was born in 1939, and Wesley was born in 1941. The couple celebrated over 63 years of marriage before Frank passed away in 1994. Clara now can brag on having 10 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Maynard and Arlene both play the guitar, and June and Wesley are fiddlers, so the Daugherty musical talent lives on.