Avis, a small community 7 miles north of Pinon was named after a Latin word for a black-bird, Portugal bird, or two black birds. (There is some confusion here, but present day dictionaries say the meaning would be rare bird.) Avis was called Juniper Hill first in 1885 (Most records show Avis as being settled in 1903, but some memoirs refer to it being started in 1885 - 1903 is more likely?)

Avis School Photo taken by Karl Wuersching, 1984

The Post Office was started by Mr. Cronister (Billie Gages Uncle) in 1885. He let Tom Fleming have it. Myrtle Fleming was the Postmistress. Then Jasper Daugherty had it for a while. Munson took it over from Daugherty and ran it until it closed.

Some of the families associated with Avis include - Herbert, Daugherty, Ehart, Van Winkle, Smith, Parks, 2 families of Daughertys, Lusk, Delk, Bonnell, Weeds, Dey, Bell, Buckner, Nash, Pope, Stephens, Cox, Roberson, Fleming and Lewis. (Forgive me if I missed or misspelled some names, the hand-written accounts were faded.) Jasper Daugherty had a blacksmith shop and was busy building spurs, bridals, cinch rings, locks, hinges, horse shoes, mule shoes, axes - anything out of iron. He and his wife Alice had six children. There were nice gardens, fruit trees, and a cemetery east of town.

Blue Water Spring in Avis
photo from the Sacramento Mountain Museum

People who lived on down at what is now Circle Cross Ranch, Monument Springs, Daugherty Wells and south on the Sacramento river came to Weed or Avis for mail.

This information was taken from two handwritten manuscripts found in the archives of the Sacramento Historical Museum.